Thursday, February 6, 2014

Survival - Spirit Unchained

A few months back the homey Jake sent a great care package across the pond with a ton of cool stuff. Probably my favorite and most used item was not vinyl at all, but a football jersey for his favorite club LEEDS UNITED. I've actually started a bit of a soccer ("football") jersey collection with my trips to Mexico... I've now got Leeds United, Atlas and Chivas jerseys that I wear regularly. 

Anyways, also in Jake's care package was a record by a band I had never heard of that Jake's quite fond of. Survival plays a European version of Warzone worship. The vocalists resemblance to Ray Beez is remarkable, which makes this an excellent record. I've been pumping this record alot lately, and I can clearly see now why Jake has like 20 different pressings of this record. Carry the Weight is starting to be a heavy hitter for European hardcore, I need to start paying more attention to this label. This is a 3rd press copy on white vinyl out of /150.

Viva la Downpresser en Guadalajara, guey!

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  1. Yes brother!!! You're gonna rue the day I sent over that Leeds shirt though. Life time of misery!!